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Raju G.M.1, Vijayanath V.2, Anitha M.R.3, Shini Raju Gouli4


In this report authors present a unique case of accidental firearm injury by a country made Firearm weapon. A case of accidental shotgun injury by a 50-year old man while traveling in a tractor. The victim had multiple (>70) pellets injury over the face, four pellets on the neck and two pellets on right hand. Surgical intervention was performed to remove the pellets. A markedly multiple (38) pellets were recovered from the face and hand. Even after this, victim had been left out with some pellets in face which were not possible for a surgeon to remove. Victim survived with some of the pellets intact even in the vital area, which is a rare one.


Country made shot gun; Fire arm wounds; Accidental injury



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1 Assistant Professor (Corresponding Author)
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
J.J.M. Medical College, Davangere-577004
Karnataka (India), E mail: drrajugm@gmail.com
2 Assistant Professor
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
S.S.Institute of Medical Sciences & Research centre
Davangere-577005, Karnataka ( India)
E-mail: drvijayanath@gmail.com
3 Assistant Professor
Department of Anatomy
S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research centre
Davangere-577005, Karnataka (India),
E-mail: dranithamr@medicalmantra.com
4 O.T. Incharge, Staff nurse
S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research centre
Davangere-577005, Karnataka (India)
E-mail: drrajugm@gmail.com



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