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Journal of Forensic
Medicine and Toxicology
(International Edition)
A peer Reviewed Journal Dedicated to the
promotion of all branches of medicine and
science useful in the administration of justice.


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The Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology published biannually, publishes original work in the fields of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Radiology, Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Science, Toxicology, Sexual Behaviour, Pollution, Environment Hazards, Emergency Medicine, Traffic Medicine, Traumatology. Communication of articles on these topics, editorial matters and books for review should be sent to.

Dr. O.P. Murty, M. D.
Editor-in-Chief, Room No. 304, 2nd Floor,
New Forensic Block,
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology,
A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi - 110029, India
E-mail : dropmurthy2006@hotmail.com

Contributions are accepted for publication on the condition that they have  not been published or submitted for publication, and are subject to copy editing, and to editorial changes required for conformity with journal style.

Manuscripts :Two high-quality copies on white bond paper should be submitted (one of them the original typescript), and the author should retain a copy.  It should not exceed 20 typed pages including references and tables.

(a)  The title should be brief and to the point. The names of the authors should appear on the title page only with their affiliations and their full address.

(b)  A summary should be given at the beginning of the article. It should be brief and to the point, factual, and not normally more than 150 words.

(c)  The articles should include the following headings : Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion and References. (IMRAD Structure)

References : All references should follow guidlines given by world association of Medical editors available on internet. A few examples are:

(1)  For original papers, the name(s) in running bold letters should be followed by the title of the paper, the full name of the journal, year of publication, the volume number and the number of the first and last page of the paper e.g. :

(i)   Kietner GI, Rayan CE, Miller IW, Norman WH, Norman HW. Recovery and major depression. Amer J Psychiatry 1992; 149(1) : 727-29.

(ii)  Engelberg H. Low serum cholesterol and suicide. Lancet 1992; 339 : 727-29.

(2)  For text books and monographs, the name of the author should be followed by the title of the book, editor, and the publisher, year and page number eg. Macleod John. In : Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, 12th Edition, Churchill Livings tone : London, 1997: 201-215.

      All references should be mentioned in number in superscripts. The list of references should be  arranged as it is quoted in the text and must be numbered. No part of the references should be underlined. While any reference carrying the names of more than Six authors may be condensed by using the term 'et al'.

Reprints : In case of multiple authorship, all reprints will be sent to the first author. If an author requires additional reprints, the order must be sent together with the manuscript, which will be supplied on payment.

Tables : Each table should be on a separate sheet, with adequate heading : table and heading together should be self explanatory. The desired position of the table relative to the text should be indicated in the left margin.

Figures : All the comments on tables apply equally to figures. Figures/photographs should be on  glossy print, not photocopies; photographs for reproduction should also be glossy prints. Illustrations should only be used where necessary to clarify important points. Redrawing for preparing illustrations to make them suitable for photographic reproduction will be charged to the author.

Brief Communication : For prompt publication, papers can be submitted under this section. Manuscript should contain a maximum of 2000 words including a maximum of 20 references and not more than two tables; figures may not be used. Papers submitted under this section should not be sent elsewhere.

Letter to the Editor : Letter should not exceed two double spaced typed pages. Letters can be regarding articles published in this journal or any other  significant matter. Letters will be edited for clarity and conformity with journal style and may be shortened. There should be not more than five references; tables and figures cannot be used.

All Articles have to be sent on a Computer CD or email attachment in MS word file.

Articles that do not meet the above specification will be returned to the author for revision before being considered for review by the editorial board.



All rights reserved with Medico-Legal Society

Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology,
Dept. of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
New Delhi, INDIA.